You Are My Sunshine 1st Birthday Party

In celebration of our perfectly lovely Sienna, we decided to throw her a first birthday bash with all the bells and whistles. Stacy and I had such a blast organizing, planning, baking, and creating every little detail for Sienna’s “You are my Sunshine” themed party. It was such a special day, especially as a first time mom, to celebrate her one year in such a special way.

For: Sienna’s 1st Birthday

Theme: You are my Sunshine

Colors: Bright Yellow & Pink

Location: Our House

Number of Guests: 40

Party Miracle: It had been raining ALL week, actually storming, and it cleared up for our little Sunshine Sienna’s first birthday party.

Decor Details

Table Cloth: Ikea carried this perfectly bright and sunny fabric that was used for all the rectanglular tables and photobooth backdop.

Flower Arrangements: After raiding the refridgerator of the Wholesale Fowers and Supplies store in San Diego of their gorgeous yellow Roses, joyful pink Ranunculus, and playfully round Billy Balls I had the perfect flowers for our party.

To create Stephanie’s Square Rose Arrangement:

1. Soak green floral aqua foam squares in water for a few hours in the white square ceramic boxes from Michael’s Crafts Store.

2. Clean up each rose by removing all the leaves and blemished petals.

3. Cut stems and insert roses into the soaked aqua foam squares, filling the entire box.

4. Randomly place yellow Billy Balls in-between roses.

5. Enjoy your clean, contempary floral arrangment.

Party Hat: The materials used for this charming party hat are 1 sheet of glittered pink scrapebook paper, 1 yellow pom pom, and some elastic lace.

Highchair: For the our Little Sunshine’s place at the table we spray painted an Ikea highchair white.

Framed #1: This Ikea frame was perfect for displaying the big #1 in our window.


Party Decorations, First Birthday Party

Banners, Lanterns, and Hanging Paper Flowers

Banner: Materials for this festive do-it-yourself banner are scrapbookpaper (it’s a good weight and large enough to create the right size of triangles), twine, Martha Stewart Glitter from Michael’s Crafts, and the AMAZING how-did-I-ever-live-without-this, Silhouette SD, for cutting out letters and shapes.

Lanterns: Lanterns in a bunch of colors and sizes can be purchased from Beau Coup.
Hanging Paper Flowers: Martha Stewart explains how to easily make these adorable Hanging Paper Flowers. The main materials for this project can be found at Stamp on This which has a nice variety of sizes and colors of paper bags.


Party Favors, First Birthday, Party Ideas

We filled these personalized buckets for all our sunny little guests with a bunch of treats: sunglasses, bubbles, a carton of goldfish, a packet of flower seeds, and a colorful pinwheel most of which was found in the $1 bins at Target.


First Birthday Party Ideas, Party Ideas, Hanging Photos, Memories

Sienna’s 1st Year Photo Gallery
To show off printed photos of Sienna’s life from the past year we printed photos through CVS’s online photo store, decorated clothes pins with Martha Stewart Glitter from Michael’s Crafts, and hung everthing on twine.


Desserts, First Birthday Party, Party ideas

All the desserts were prepared by Stacy and her chocolate thumb for baking and making everything she touches scrumptous. My other extremely talented sister Sharon baked up Sienna’s Delicious Chocolate Layered Cake.
Layered Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Whoopie Pies
Spiked Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes
Rice Krispie Treat Heart Sticks
Lemon Drop Candies


First Birthday, Party Ideas, Party drinks and food

Food and Drinks
The first things that comes to mind when I think of sunshine is a weekend brunch, so we decided to have a delicious build your own mini banana pancake bar with an array of toppings and a savory mini taco stand from Sweet and Savory Catering located in Pacific Beach/Clairmont, San Diego. And to quench everyone’s thirst, mason cars filled with fresh lemonade and juice boxes for the kids.


Kid’s Station
Furniture: Sienna’s adorable Gingham Personalized Chair from Pottery Barn Kids was gifted to her from our dear friend Julie Wrighton.
A great table for coloring and eating is the Ikea kids white table and spray painted yellow wicker chairs.
Alphatbet Kids Play matt from Toys “r” Us is perfect for creating an area for toys and is soft on baby’s/kid’s knees.



For the perfect playlist for the day we found music relating to the sun.


With help from our favorite photographers and friends Wey and Ryan, from Wey and Ryan Photography, we were able to create our Sunshine Photobooth. This was a huge hit with all our guests. We created loveable and silly props to put each participant in that perfectly silly mood which created memorable photos everyone will love.


Thanks to Wey & Ryan Photography for all the photos you see on this post.

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